Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hot Mess

Ah the slipcovered chair. According to the books this is an easy project that most anyone can do that can sew. The fates have shown me that I'm not anyone. While I do have the beginnings of a slipcover it is a terrible hot mess in my eyes. My husband, bless his wonderful heart, keeps telling me that it will be alright. And my cats absolutely love it. I must have chosen the most cat attracting fabric in the world (who knew)! But the horrible truth is the thing is not going to look wonderful. It might look okay when it's done. I've got the inner part finished and now have to do the outer shell and the skirt.
 In this picture the arms are not sewn yet, but they are now. They came out okay, but the picture did not. Sorry.

Nothing comes easy with this project though. So I've taken a little break and gone back to some quilting. With Oct. coming up, I remembered a UFO (unfinished object) and even managed to find it in all the moving stuff - ha, ha - major accomplishment. I think the last time you saw it, it was only a few blocks. Now the sashing is complete and I'm getting ready to do the outer borders. They'll be cute - bats and candy corn.

You can also see some corner stars in this photo. It's a cute quilt. It will have buttons and other stuff sewn on it when it's done that hang in the windows of the houses.

I should have time to work on it ( and the dreaded slipcover!) since hubby is away helping is family. Please keep them in your prayers, his dad has been ill. Thanks! Anyway, working on this has helped remind me how much I love quilting  and that many things say quilts (maybe even a slipcover).

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