Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a wonderful life!

What a wonderful life. Went away to the beach for week. Relaxed, met with family, recharged. And came home completely unwilling to plug up to computer again except to look briefly at emails. After all, that's how I communicate with most of the rest of the world! That means that this poor blog has been neglected for too long. My greatest apologies.

But . . . this is not completely bad. I did come back recharged and excited about creating. Of course, real life intervened, keeping me from just diving completely into my fabric stash. That, too, is probably a good thing. (I sound like I'm trying too hard, huh?)

Anyway, I FINISHED the christening gown!

It sort of made it through the cleaners. I had to go back and repair one of the sleeves. That sheer fabric is just so darned old - why do things keep reminding me of that? - it was shredding away from the seam. I thought about it and after some careful hand repair with a needle and thread, I pulled out a trusty 21st century solution - glue! Yep, they make glue for everything and some fine ones for fabric that remain nice and soft after they dry, which is important in a baby item. This one is also supposed to be able to survive dry cleaning later!

I'm proud and pleased that I was able to make this gown, but I really wanted to get back to quilting. I did a quick little project for a young friend of mine with a new Kindle.

I used my Nook for the picture. What really made me happy is that I followed, with a little tweaking, written instructions that I had made up when I made the cover for my nook. At the time, I was thinking that I might try to sell the pattern. I did make some changes to the original design, but those are based on what I don't like about the first one. So you could say this is the new and improved pattern! I might still try to get this published. That's a big step though, and kind of scary.

I'm heading back to my sewing room. There's more to do, because so many things SA(y) Quilts!

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