Friday, May 27, 2011

The Christening Gown, Part II

It's amazing ladies and gentlemen, I actually did what I said I would do! Not that I lie about stuff, but life gets in the way and then I can't find my  'round tuit' and then another day has gone by. That's just life. But every now and then you make a plan and can actually DO it. Yesterday I did sew the skirt to the bodice of the christening gown!
I am so pleased! (Knocking on wood just as hard as I can as I say that.) This is the outer gown; there is a plain slip that will be underneath it. I'm now working on the seams. All that sheer fabric, the seams show. It's nice that the picture doesn't show that, but it's a fact and unfortunately people will be up close to the dress since, of course, they will want to be up close to my beautiful grandbaby! Had to pull out reference books, and went to the internet searching on the best way to deal with this. The best way was to sew them differently in the first place. Would have been nice if the pattern had mentioned this. Lots of christening dresses use sheer fabric, they even have sheer fabrics in the fabric list on the envelope. Too late now . . . not ripping out all those seams! Sorry Mr. Seam Ripper, you're nice and all, but I have my limits. I won't bore you with details, just suffice to say that this involves lots of handwork. Luckily I'm a hand quilter and don't mind handwork!

I could take this project to the beach with me next week, but I'm bringing the wedding quilt. Ah yes, they've had the baby, they don't have their wedding quilt. Might have it by the tenth anniversary. It's a traditional wedding ring quilt. Here's a pic.
The rows are not sewn together here. I just had it pinned on my design wall. I have about five rows done now, I think I have to go to seven. Soon I'll be sewing the rows together, which is good. Honestly, I'm tired of all the little pieces in the arcs. Come to think of it, I have enough that I'm ready for the flood. Get it:  arcs and arks? I know, very bad. With all the talk about the end of the world last week it just jumped into my head. Sorry.

This week the plan is to work on that at the beach. It's mostly a technology free vacation so I have lots of nice time to sit on the deck, watch the dolphins swim by, and . . . . can you SA(y) Quilt! See you in a week or so.

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