Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the beginning

So how in the heck did I ever become a quilter? Did I wake up one morning and discover that label on my forehead? Nope; like many others, I was a sewer - what one would now call a fashion sewer because for some reason or other you have to identify "what" you sew. I was okay at it, even made a few things that I actually wore!

I came across this book, Refrigerator Quilts, many years ago and it really got my attention. Not because I was into quilting, but because it was a way to get some of those really cute drawings my kids were making OFF my refrigerator! The basic idea was transferring your child's art onto fabric and it seemed really easy and it was small, which meant that it wouldn't take long either.

So I jumped right in. My son had made this picture of a submarine that he really loved, but it was starting to look kind of ragged. I decided to try my hand at this quilt thing. And I loved it!

Now this was not high art, but it was really fun, and it was my son's picture. It still hangs in his room and he just graduated from college! So the quilt bug has bit and I'm glad it did. Even your kid's art can SA(y) Quilt!


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