Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Christening Gown

I'm venturing into uncharted territory. In a rush of excitement I told my daughter that I would make the christening gown for my new grandbaby, Adelaide. Then I went even further and said that I would make it from my wedding gown, since it's just sitting there getting older by the minute. Why do we say things like this? Do I like to add stress to my life? Possibly.

So, a week or so ago I finally started the deconstruction of the gown. First I had to find the darn thing. It was stored all those years ago - 35! - in it's protective box with miles of acid free tissue paper. Has tissue paper always been acid free? Hmmm . . . anyway the box hnd been taken out of storage in the attic - that's the best place right? - when my daughter was planning her wedding. She used my veil, but not the dress, so the dress was stuffed back in the box. No, I didn't take it back to be stored correctly, because I had in my little pea brain that maybe I would use it for something. Only have one daughter; don't think my son's fiancee will be asking for it! Then I put it back in the attic, or so I thought. With flashlight in hand, banged around the rafters, but no wedding dress box. Don't have a basement, so checked all the other rooms. It was GONE! What in the world had I done with it? Given it to charity when I was sleep walking? After a few days of hand wringing, it showed up, stored in plain sight right next to the closet in our spare bedroom. I swear it wasn't there before. Now to find my glasses . . .

Glasses found, on my face as usual. Showtime; seam ripper in hand I gingerly started taking the seams apart.

It actually didn't take that long to have the whole dress in pieces. There was just so much fabric, which will make laying out the christening gown easy. I'll let you know how it goes. All this lace makes me wonder about a lacy quilt . . . lots of things Sa(y) Quilts!

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